"You Are Special"

by Max Lucado

This is a truth that we are never too old or too young to hear!

"Why Do We Say Good Night?"

by Champ Thornton

There is nothing to fear in the dark, because God sees all and is watching over us.

"Ronnie Wilson's Gift"

by Francis Chan

When Ronnie learns of Jesus' sacrifice, he wants to give Jesus a gift in return.

"Am I Making God Smile?"

by Jeannie St. John Taylor

Erik learns how to make God smile by making bad things good.

"A Tale of Three Trees"

by Angela Elwell Hunt

God shows us how three trees wishes come true in a surprising way!

"When God Made Light"

by Matthew Paul Turner

God made a light that shines within all of us!

"The Oak Inside the Acorn"

by Max Lucado

God created each of us for a special purpose!

"Maybe God is Like That Too"

by Jennifer Grant

God's Spirit is at work all around us!

"It will be OK - trusting God"

by Lysa TerKeurst

No matter how fearful your circumstances, God is always with you.

"Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat"

by Andrew Wilson

Our hope doesn't come from the things we do but from the grace of Jesus Christ.

"Sydney and Norman ... a tale of two pigs"

by Phil Visher

We love God and others without judgement.

"The Very First Christmas"

by Usborne Books

Come on a journey to a little stable where Jesus was born long ago!

"Just in Case You Ever Wonder"

by Max Lucado

A story to tell children about how much you love them and how special they are to God.