We desire to be a generous people who reflect the generous nature of the God who we follow. We acknowledge that all the good things in our lives are gifts from him. That God gave them to us with the intention that we should share them with each other. Community is formed in the generous giving of gifts to each other. They produce connections between us.

We each have gifts of time, talents, and treasures through which we can contribute to our shared life. We encourage you to think of how you can use your time and talents to serve others. We have a wide range of areas in which we need volunteers: from children’s ministry to coffee bar, from painting to preaching.

We also encourage you to give generously from your treasure to financially support our work. This is an important way of acknowledging that our true treasure is Jesus. Everything that is given to our offering goes to support the people and activities through which we demonstrate God’s love to each other and the world.

Ways to Give at Fraserview

Thank you for your generosity!