Welcome to Fraserview’s community gathering while we are physical distancing due to COVID-19. We hope you are keeping safe and well out there. We encourage you to stop and reflect on the questions with whoever you are watching with and to sing along with the music. There are also resources for the children. We also encourage you to pray through our prayer document during the week. In this time of crisis prayer is a valuable way we can support each other.

Let us know if you need anything: meals, prayer, someone to run to the grocery store or pharmacy for you. Remember to look out for your neighbours.

Yours in Christ,

Join us on Thursdays for Alpha online

The series will run until early April and will be presented through Zoom.

Unpack the basics of the Christian faith in an updated and engaging way.

Carve out an 1 ½ hour (7-8:30pm) of your time each Thursday night for this amazing journey and invite a friend!