Week of November 1, 2020

Preschool Series - KNOW

In this series, children will learn that God wants us to know him. Throughout the stories of the Old Testament, we can see God’s desire to have a connection with his people. Children will learn through the stories of Joseph, Moses, David, and Daniel as they learn what it means to be known by God and for us to know God.

Come near to God, and he will come near to you.

James 4:8

God is with Joseph

Come near to God and he will come near to you.

from James 4:8

God wants us to know him.

Learn a new worship song!

Kids, Jr. High and Youth Series - HELP

In this series, kids will learn the beginning of David’s life story from musician and shepherd boy to king. Kids will discover that God doesn’t choose us for his purposes based on the way that other people choose, but by what is in our hearts. David’s story helps us to see that God’s plans for us are much more interesting than anything we can dream up on our own!

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outside of a person. But the Lord looks at what is in the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

Kids (K - Gr. 3)

How do your friends describe you?

Have you been called short or tall?

How about loud or shy?

Do you like what other people think of you? Why or why not?

When God looks at you, what do you think he sees?

Do you think God cares about how you look on

the outside or does he care more about what’s going on inside?

God Story

Read 1 Samuel 16 - Shepherd Boy and Musician

Life Story

Ayesha never felt good about herself—until God showed her how he sees her. Now she sees other people through God’s eyes and tries to make them feel special!

Making connections...

What happened in the God Story?

What was the Life Story about?

How do these two stories and today’s Big Idea (God helps us see people the way he sees them) connect?

God helps us see people the way he sees them.

Junior High (Gr.4-6)

Have you ever been mistaken about who someone is? Maybe they looked like someone you knew, but they were actually someone else. What happened?

Have you ever been mistaken about what someone was like? Maybe you thought they were nice, but they hurt you, or you thought they were mean, but they turned out to be a good friend to you. Share an example.

God sees the bad in people, but he loves them anyway. Seeing people as God sees them doesn’t mean ignoring the bad—it means loving them anyway.

Think of someone who you don’t like at the moment. It could be a friend or family member they’ve fallen out with or someone you've never had a good relationship with. You don’t have to share who it is!

Describe how you see this person. Being honest is important.

Think of words to describe how you think God sees that person.

What is the difference between the two?

Pray for the person you described.

You could also ask God to change your own heart by helping you to see those people as God sees them.

God helps us see people the way he sees them.

Youth (Gr. 7-9)

Was there anything from the Life Story that you could relate to?

What does the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” mean?

Do you tend to judge before you know the facts?

Do you have an example of a time when you judged someone incorrectly? What happened?

God helps us see people the way he sees them.

Read 1Samuel 16:7

How did people judge David?

What did God see in David?

Read Matthew 26:6-10

How did Jesus’ disciples view what this woman did?

How did Jesus see it?

The disciples thought it was a waste, while Jesus called it beautiful. Jesus views our attempts to draw near to him as beautiful, despite how we may look to other people.

Samuel went to anoint David. The woman in this story, however, came to anoint Jesus for a different purpose.

Why did the woman pour perfume on Jesus’ body? (hint: read on to Matthew 26:12)

What do Jesus’ death and burial teach us about how God sees each one of us?

God only chose one king: David. His seven brothers were left out! In Jesus, God invites each and every one of us to be his children.

How do you think God sees your friends? Your family? Your teachers?