May 2, 2021

Am I Making God Smile?

By Jeannie St. John Taylor

Zephaniah 3:17

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.

He will take great delight in you.

Preschool Series - COMMUNITY

In this series, children will learn that they are a part of the church, and that they matter in it! Children will be reminded that Jesus is Lord and he loves them, and he has a place for them in his church.

God sends the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-4

Today's story is about God sending the Holy Spirit to be with us. In this story, there are flames that don’t burn or smoke!

The Early Church Flipbook

The Early Church Flip Book.pdf

Sing and Dance!

Time to Colour!

Wk 1 - Pentecost.pdf

Big Idea: We are the church together.

May Series: ACTS - RADICAL

Radical can mean awesome and amazing. It can also mean something that has an impact so intense that it affects the very root of the thing. The triune God has a radical impact in our lives—so awesome and amazing—that it changes us at our very core. And that's radical.

When anyone lives in Christ, the new creation has come. The old is gone! The new is here!

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIRV)

K - Grade 3

Conversation starters...

What do you think the word “radical” means?

What’s something you’d describe as radical?

Can you think of anyone who’s done something radical? (e.g., Terry Fox running across Canada to raise money for cancer research or Jesus miraculously healing people)

Big Idea: God uses Christ followers in radical ways.

Who does God talk to?

Do you think God talks to you?

Could God talk to you through other people?

Sometimes people say things that make us think about our actions. God could be using them speak to us!

Listen to each of these stories and decide if it’s just a comment or if God could be speaking through someone.

• Your parent tells you to clean your room

• A friend tells you that they like red gumballs

• Someone says they’re thankful that you’re their friend

• A teacher thanks you for picking up litter

• Your grandpa asks to play a game with you

• A neighbour says they’re grateful you helped them rake leaves

• A friend says it hurts their feelings when you tease them

• Your sister asks you to get her a drink

Key Verse Colouring Page - May.pdf

Talking heads!

Imagine you are at a practice and your coach explains how to do something better. Would you improve just by listening? No, you must follow the instructions.

The same is true when God speaks to us through other people. We need to act!

Cut out and draw on the face outlines. One of the faces will show you and the other will be a person God uses to speak to you.

Make a talking head by attaching the top half of a face to the top side of a clothespin and the bottom half to the bottom side of the clothespin (see sample craft photo).

Wk 1 - Face Outlines.pdf

Grades 4-6

Conversation starters...

What comes to mind when you hear the word “radical”?

What does it mean to be radical?

What’s the most radical transformation you can think of (e.g., a caterpillar to a butterfly; a Transformer; personal transformation)?

What does it mean to be transformed?

Think of a time you were radically transformed because God sent someone your way.

What might have happened if God didn’t send that person your way?

What radical changes occurred in your life after this happened?

Key Verse Colouring Page - May.pdf

Fact or Fiction?

After reading each of the following statements, decide whether it’s fact or fiction.

Saul was travelling to Damascus to visit his sick grandmother. (Fiction: He was travelling to Damascus to imprison believers)

Saul saw a light brighter than the sun and he heard a voice speaking in the Greek language. (Fiction: He heard a voice speaking Aramaic)

Jesus asked Saul why he was persecuting him. (Fact)

Saul was blind for three days. (Fact)

God told Amos to go to Damascus and restore Saul’s sight. (Fiction: Ananias)

God used Ananias in a radical way. (Fact)

Saul preached the good news boldly and everyone loved him. (Fiction: Some people wanted to kill him)

God can transform people’s lives when they believe in Jesus. (Fact)

God wants to use each of us in radical ways in other people’s lives. (Fact: God uses Christ- followers in radical ways)


God used Ananias and Saul in radical ways. God wants to use us in a radical way, too! When we commit our lives to following Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us, God uses us in increasingly radical ways.

Challenge yourself to start each day this week by praying,

“God, I want to be used by you. Please show me what you’d like me to do today.”

What might listening for God’s prompting look like ?

Big Idea: God uses Christ followers in radical ways.

Grades 7-9


What’s the most radical outward change you’ve ever seen someone make? (e.g., hair cut or dyed; a completely different clothing style; a new tattoo)

What major change took place in Saul’s life?

Have you ever known someone who made a radical change on the inside like Saul did? (e.g., someone from pop culture)

Paul (Saul) and the Corinthian Church...

Saul was a Hebrew name. He used the name Paul when he went to tell the Greeks about Jesus.

Paul (Saul) wrote to the Corinthian church. He talked about the radical change that happens when people follow Jesus.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17

What do you think this passage means?

How does it relate to what happened to Saul?

How does it relate to you? What’s the “old” that has gone away? In what way(s) are you made new?

Big Idea: God uses Christ followers in radical ways.