Week of August 23, 2020

Preschool Series - PRAISE

In this series, children will discover the love and joy of praising God. They will learn that they can praise God in many different ways, and that praising God is wonderful!

We will praise your name forever.

Psalm 44:8b

We can praise God!

Today’s stories are psalms from the Bible.

They say that God knows us and loves us!

God's love goes on and on!

(from Psalm 136)

Learn these actions

We will [point to one another and yourself]

praise [raise hands in the air]

your name [point index finger in the air]

forever [make big circles with your arms].

Psalm 44:8 [open hands like a book]

Kindergarten to Grade 9 Series - Proverbs Wisdom

In this series, kids will be diving deep into the book of Proverbs and learning all about the wisdom that God offers.

If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone and doesn’t find fault.

James 1:5

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Vote on whether these are wise or not wise.

Cross the street without looking.

Do your homework.

Take a shower.

Throw garbage on the ground.

Wear your seatbelt.

Don’t wear a helmet when you’re bike riding.

Eat junk food every day for a week.

Play with matches.

Clean your room.

Run with scissors!

This is all common human wisdom, but God has some really wonderful wisdom for us too!

Wise Sayings Activity

Proverbs 22:17-24:22

Read aloud the following proverbs one at a time. Have kids vote with a thumbs up if they think it’s from today’s God’s story or a thumbs down if they think it’s made up. Ask what they think the real ones mean.

Don’t take advantage of poor people just because they’re poor. (Real! Do not treat poor people badly.)

Don’t be happy when your enemy falls. When he trips, don’t let your heart be glad. (Real! Don’t laugh when other people—especially those we don’t like—are hurt or embarrassed.)

Tell others they’re bad and have no place near you. (Not real!)

Don’t bother cleaning up after others. They make too much of a mess to help. (Not real!)

Get wisdom, training, and understanding. (Real! Listen to wise words and find wise people to learn from.)

Stand when you’re upset and sit when you’re happy. Then you will live a long life. (Not real!)

Has a parent, grandparent, or teacher ever told you to do something that you didn’t want to do?

Why didn’t you want to do it?

Is there someone you always take advice from?

Who is it?

Listen to God’s wisdom

Grades 4-6

As we grow older, we have bigger decisions to make. How do we determine which wisdom to listen to? The book of Proverbs reminds us that God uses his people to share wisdom with us.

Have you ever had someone give you important and helpful guidance? If so, who was it and what did they say? People’s advice isn’t always in line with God’s wisdom.

The Bible reminds us to hold up someone’s wisdom to what it has to say. That’s why it’s so important to know God’s heart deeply by reading the Bible.

Wise Sayings Activity

Proverbs 22:17-24:22

Read these statements one at a time. Pause after each one and vote by moving it to the Bible side or the baloney side.

This too shall pass. (baloney)

God helps those who help themselves. (baloney)

Listen to your father, who gave you life. Don’t hate your mother when she is old. (Bible: Proverbs 23:22)

God works in mysterious ways. (baloney)

Don’t agree to pay for what someone else owes. And don’t agree to pay their bills for them. If you don’t have the money to pay, your bed will be taken right out from under you! (Bible: Proverbs 22:22-23)

Pride comes before the fall. (Bible: from Proverbs 16:18)

Don’t befriend angry people or associate with hot-tempered people. (Bible: Proverbs 22:24)

Be true to yourself. (baloney)

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense. Through knowledge its rooms are filled with all sorts of precious riches and valuables. (Bible: Proverbs 24:3-4)

You only live once. (baloney)

Did you find this activity difficult?

Which real proverbs surprised you the most?

What are some other sayings we hear (and believe!) that aren’t actually found in God’s word?

Listen to God’s wisdom

Grades 7-9

When you’re making a small decision, do you ask for anyone’s opinion or advice?

What kinds of things do you ask other people for their opinion about?

Who do you ask for advice from when you have a really big decision to make?

Who do you listen to the most? Why?

Listen to God’s wisdom

Look up and read James 3:13-18

What does verse 13 say to do if you are wise?

How do these things prove your wisdom?

Based on verse 17, what does God’s wisdom look like?

How might that look in your daily life?

At school?

With your friends?

How would this kind of wisdom help direct your decision-making?

Do you ever pray and ask for wisdom when you are at school or with your friends? Why or why not?