Week of August 9, 2020

Preschool Series - PRAISE

In this series, children will discover the love and joy of praising God. They will learn that they can praise God in many different ways, and that praising God is wonderful!

We will praise your name forever.

Psalm 44:8b

"King David the Shepherd"

Let's hear about a shepherd named David who praised God!

We can praise God too!

Children will discover the many wonderful things God created that they can praise him for; children will learn that they can praise God every day.

God's Story

David loved music and singing. He wrote songs that he could sing as he played his harp. Here is one song he wrote about a good shepherd.

Psalm 23 for Kids

On Psalm 23... and being a sheep!

Kindergarten to Grade 9 Series - Proverbs Wisdom

In this series, kids will be diving deep into the book of Proverbs and learning all about the wisdom that God offers.

If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone and doesn’t find fault.

James 1:5

Kindergarten - Grade 3

God is approachable and helps us make great decisions. Encourage kids to ask God for big and great things, like wisdom, knowing he is able to provide and sure to help.

God gives us wisdom when we ask for it.

Look up and read aloud Proverbs1:8-9.

What is the difference between wise choices and not wise choices?

What are some rules you have to follow at school? Do you scream when you need help or do you raise your hand?

If you can’t tie your shoes, do you ask for help or do you kick off your shoes and run outside ?

If you don’t understand how to do your homework, do you turn on the TV or do you ask a teacher?

Why should we follow rules?

Is there a rule that you like following?

What’s some advice or helpful guidance your parents have given you? (e.g., be kind, share your toys, help others)

Grades 4-6

When we think of people who are wise, we usually picture those who are well-educated, know a lot of facts, and seem to make the right decisions. Wisdom is much more than head knowledge. It’s a deeper understanding or decision-making based on an intimate connection to the God of wisdom!

God gives us wisdom when we ask for it.

Read James 1:5 What does this mean to you?

When you need wisdom, who do you usually turn to first?

Have you used Google to search for information this week?

What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve ever Googled?

In our culture, it’s often easier, faster, and more convenient to type a question into a search bar to get answers.

Do you think we can get wisdom online? Why or why not?

What’s the difference between being smart and being wise?

Have you ever asked God for wisdom?

When in your life have you been given wisdom from God?

Where do you desire more wisdom from God?

Grades 7-9

What does it mean to be wise?

Where do we get wisdom from?

Do you have any friends who make really unwise choices? What kinds of things do they do?

Do you think they’ll grow wiser when they’re older? Why or why not?

God gives us wisdom when we ask for it.

Read Proverbs1:3

What’s the point of proverbs? What are they meant to do?

Do you think this verse is important for your life?

Read James1:5

When you need wisdom, how could you ask God for it?

How would you know if you received wisdom from God? Do you think you’ve ever received wisdom from God? Why or why not?

Do you think we have to be “good” to receive wisdom from God? Why or why not?

We all have areas in our lives in which we need wisdom (e.g., a friendship, a tricky situation, a family situation).

Do you need some wisdom in a particular area in your life right now? If so, what’s going on?