Week of August 2, 2020

Preschool Series - PRAISE

In this series, children will discover the love and joy of praising God. They will learn that they can praise God in many different ways, and that praising God is wonderful!

We will praise your name forever.

Psalm 44:8b

"God's Great Creation!"

A story narrated by Lu ❤️

Sing Along Creation Song!

God's Story

Children will discover the many wonderful things God created that they can praise him for; children will learn that they can praise God every day.

We can praise God for His creation!

Kindergarten to Grade 9 Series - Proverbs Wisdom

In this series, kids will be diving deep into the book of Proverbs and learning all about the wisdom that God offers.

If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone and doesn’t find fault.

James 1:5

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Remember the “Head and Shoulders” song? Of those body parts (i.e.,head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose), which one is your favourite? Why?

The church is the body of Christ.

God uses a body as a symbol for the Church.

Some of us might be a head or a shoulder or a knee or a toe.

We all work together!

What was the Life Story about in today’s video?

What was the God Story about?

What do you think the Church is supposed to do together?

Who do you think God wants in his Church?

Why is it important to remember that the Church is the body of Christ? What does it mean for us?

Grades 4-6

Do you remember your first time going to church?

If yes, what do you remember?

If not, what’s one of your earliest memories of church?

The church is the body of Christ.

Read about the very first church community Acts2:42-47

Did these people do anything that stands out to you? What did they do that we don’t do now?

What can we learn about how they structured their lives to follow Jesus? (see verse 46)

What do we do today that they didn’t do?

What could we start doing again?

How was the early Church the body of Christ here on earth in really practical ways?

Grades 7-9

What does the word “church” immediately bring to your mind? Why?

When did you first go to church? What have your experiences of church been like?

When your friends or family hear about church, what do they think or say about it? Why?

The church is the body of Christ.

Read 1Corinthians 12:12-31

When have you experienced the Church (as a group of people, not a building) in a really positive way as the body of Christ? What was that like?

Have you ever wished that you had different skills or abilities than you do? If so, what do you wish for?

How have you experienced the suffering of others? The honour of others?

Which gift(s) do you believe you have?

Have you ever been jealous of someone else’s gifts?

Have you considered that your gifts might be a gift to someone else?