For the month of October 2020

Body Challenge

Minute to Win it ... Don't forget your timer!!

Doughnut Chew

A piece of cake! Of all the minute to win it games, kids will eat this one up. First, tie a string around a doughnut, then hang it between two chairs. Littles need to eat the doughnut within a minute without it falling to the floor.

Noodling Around

Start this minute to win it game with one strand of uncooked spaghetti. The player puts the end of the dry noodle in their mouth. She then has 60 seconds to pick up six uncooked pieces of penne pasta—with the spaghetti. Oh, and without using her hands!

Scoop It Up

Move six ping pong balls from one bowl to another, using only a spoon. Again, like some of the other minute to win it games, the kids can’t use their hands. Instead, each child will use a spoon—in their mouth.

I Love my Bible!

Memory Verse Pantomime

But God showed

(hold hands out with palms up)

His love

(make a heart shape with hands/fingers)

For us

(put hand over your heart)

In this that while we were still sinners

(shake fist in the air and look up)

Christ died for us

(pound fists in open palms representing hammer on Christ’s hands)

Romans 5:8



Do you think God, who is so amazing, would still love us when we do bad things?

Do you think he still wants to be our Father when we disobey him and don’t love him or his children?

Lots of people have this question!

Clive and Ian are going to hear this question in our video today. Let’s see what they find out.

Does God love me when I do bad things?

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Family Talk

Is there anything I could do to make God stop loving me?

There is nothing that can stop God from loving you.

How do I know that God loves me no matter what?

God says in his Word that his love is unstoppable. He made sure of that by sending Jesus. There are also many examples in the Bible of God loving his children even when they do bad things.

Does God punish me when I sin?

God does not punish his children – he already punished Jesus for our sins. That doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to our sin, though! But God doesn’t like it when we sin, and so through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, God helps us to sin less and become more like Jesus.

God is


The Jesus Song!

The Miracle of Mercy - Jesus forgives Peter

Brain Challenge

You’re driving a city bus. At the first stop, three women get on. At the second stop, one woman gets off and a man gets on. At the third stop, two children get on. The bus is blue and it’s raining outside in December.

What colour is the bus driver’s hair?

Whatever colour your hair is. Remember, you’re driving the bus!

It’s at the center of gravity and you can find it in Venus, but not Mars.

What is it?

The letter "V"!

Crafty Ideas

Clay Leaf Dish

1. First gather your leaves. We used hydrangea leaves which is recommended for their shape. We did try a maple leaf and due to the shape of the leaf, it did not roll up well.

2. Cut out a piece of your air dry clay. Roll it out and then stamp your leaf onto it. Press firmly and make sure to press on all parts of the leaf to get a complete imprint.

3. Take off your leaf and cut around the outline of the leaf with a knife qnd remove the excess air dry clay from around your imprint.

5. Gently start to roll up sections of your clay. There is no specific pattern required, just leave a bit of space in between the rolls. Leave the tip of the leaf intact. If any portions of the clay are not smooth, dip a sponge in a bit of water and use it to smooth out portions of the clay.

Note: If you’d like to make a leaf bowl instead, place your leaf inside a small bowl to shape the clay into a bowl shape.

6. Allow the clay to air dry and harden. Preferably on a cookie drying rack so that the bottom gets exposed to air as well. After 24 hours, check if the top of the clay is hardened. If it is, flip it over to allow the bottom to air dry. If not, let it dry for another 24 hours and then flip it the next day if needed.

7. Once your clay dishes are dry and hardened, you can now paint them! We did 2 coats but if you really want to ensure coverage for gold, it may require 3 coats. Darker colors would be fine with 2 coats, while lighter colors like gold and yellow may need 3.

8. Seal them with mod podge gloss or a more heavy duty sealer if desired.