For the month of August 2020

Body Challenge

Minute to Win it ... Don't forget your timer!!

Bottle to Bottle

Fill one 2 L bottle with anything — pasta, rice, marbles, cereal, mini-marshmallows, etc. Players must try to transfer one bottle’s contents into another bottle. Whoever can transfer the most within the minute will win. Trust me, there will be a ton of spillage, so avoid liquid!

Roll-On, Buddy

Try to roll a potato, zucchini, sweet potato or onion across the floor from one side of the room to the other using only your nose!

Nose Mover

Using only their nose (and maybe a bit of peanut butter or Vaseline on the tip), how many cotton balls can you move from one bowl to the other?

I Love my Bible!

Ah, Lord GOD! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your out- stretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you.

Jeremiah 32:17

Word Mix Up!

Split up the words and phrases in this memory verse.

Print a few words or 1 phrase on a card or a box (or a rock or a cookie!)

Do this until the whole verse is written out.

Scramble them and then put the phrases in the correct order to make the verse.

For an extra challenge, time yourself!



We’ve already seen that God can do some pretty powerful things – create the universe, raise people from the dead, love us with a powerful love.

God is really powerful!

Do you think God is as powerful as a superhero?

Clive and Ian ask this question in their Wonder-Blimp adventure videos below.

Let’s find out what they learn.

Is God as powerful as a superhero?

Can I count on God?

**Access code for these videos is in the Fraserview Monday email.

Family Talk

What are the names of some superheroes you know?

What makes these characters superheroes?

They are able to do things that ordinary humans cannot do!

How powerful is God?

God is more powerful than anything or anyone.

How do we know that God is powerful?

God’s Word and works show us his power.

Does God use his power for good or for evil?

God only uses his power for good.

Does God use his power to help me?

Yes, God loves to use his power to help his children.

Is God as powerful as a superhero?

Yes! He is MORE powerful! He is the most powerful superhero that will ever exist!

God is


My God is POWERFUL music video

Jesus is so powerful that He calms a storm!

Brain Challenge

Calling all scientists - Milk Magic!

Pour milk into a dish about 2cm deep. You should be able to use whatever you have in the fridge.

Let the milk settle for a moment, this will take more time the higher the fat content.

Scatter single drops of food colouring around in the milk.

Use a Q-tip or dropper to add one drop of dish soap to the centre of the plate and watch what happens!

Now try the experiment with cream. Or skim milk.

Hmmm... what happens?

Check out this website if you want some answers or if you want to try other experiments!

Crafty Ideas

Stories use words to help us create a picture of what is happening in our minds.

The Bible does the same thing!

How would you draw or paint these word pictures?

In Job 38: 4-5, God says he used a "measuring line" (or a rope) to measure the earth! Imagine that!

In Psalm 91: 4, we are told that God will cover his people with his feathers, and under his wings, the people will find safety. How would that look?

Do you have other word stories?

Share them with me and I'll add them to the weekly email!

Grabba Craft!

We have a lot of craft supplies for kids that we would love to share with you as you continue to physically distance during Covid-19.

Connect with Lu for access to these craft supplies and let your kids create away!!

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