Online Sermons

2018 September


2018-09-09 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Footsteps of Faith: The Life of Abraham

Getting Lost?: Genesis 12:1-9


2018-09-02 Cindy Olsen

1 Corinthians 13 “Love”

2018 August


2018-08-26 Lu Allan

John 18:15-27 & John 21:1-19 “Mercy. A story of Redemption”


2018-08-19 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 7:24-27 “The Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders”

Imagine a World Where the Wise Build their Lives on Jesus


2018-08-19 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 7:24-27 “The Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders”

Imagine a World Where the Wise Build their Lives on Jesus


2018-08-12 Lucas Johnson

Luke 15:11-32 “The Parable of the Lost Son”

2018 July


2018-07-29 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 21:1-14 “The Parable of the Wedding Banquet”

Imagine a world where your choices can lead to satisfaction


2018-07-22 Stacey Gleddiesmith

Matthew 21:33-46 “The Parable of the Wicked Tenants”

Imagine a world in which trees always bear fruit


2018-07-15 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 21:28-32 “The Parable of the Two Son”

Imagine a world in which righteous action will be rewarded

July 1, 2018 - Chris.mp3

2018-07-01 Chris Gursche

Matthew 25:1-3 The Parable of the Ten Virgins

"Be Prepared"

2018 June

June 17, 2018 - Andrew.mp3

2018-06-17 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 20:1-6 The Workers in the Vineyard

Imagine a world in which God's generosity confronts our sense of justice

June 10, 2018 - Andrew.mp3

2018-06-10 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 15: 1-10 The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin

Imagine a world where lost people get found and then find themselves at a kingdom banquet

June 3 - Youth Sunday.mp3

2018-06-03 Abide Sunday

Joshua 1:9 Our Moments With Jesus

2018 May

May 27, 2018 - Don Little.mp3

2018-05-27 Don Little

John 20:21, Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:18-20 , Luke 24:44-49, Acts 1:8

Why the Great Commission is STILL Great

May 20, 2018 .mp3

2018-05-20 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 18:9-14 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Imagine a world in which the truly humble and honest-with-God are the good guys and the frauds and fakes are exposed for who they really are


2018-05-13 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 11:5-8 The Friend at Midnight

Imagine a world where God is good, where God's people come to him with their requests and God responds with utter goodness.


2018-05-06 Dan Unrau

John 15:1-8 The Vine and the Branches

2018 April


2018-04-29 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 13:31-33 Imagine a world in which small things change everything


2018-04-22 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Imagine a world where the kingdom is not only really present but is surrounded by evil and systemic injustices. Imagine responding with patient endurance until the end when God will render judgement.


2018-04-15 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Matthew 13:44-46 Imagine a world in which you find what you are looking for.

April 8, 2018 - Commissioning Service for Andrew Gleddiesmith.mp3

2018-04-08 Dan Unrau

Commissioning of Andrew Gleddiesmith as Lead Pastor

Easter 2018 Mono.mp3

2018-04-01 Easter Sunday

John 19:16b - 20:18 "From Darkness to Light: From Death to Life"

2018 March


2018-03-25 Ron Reed

Psalm 23 Palm Sunday - "All My Tears"


2018-03-18 Dan Unrau

John 4:1-42 "Following Jesus to Our Wells"

2018-03-11 - _Following Jesus Through the Crowd_ Dan Unrau.mp3

2018-03-11 Dan Unrau

Luke 8:40-48 "Following Jesus Through the Crowd"

2018-03-04 - _Hearing God_.mp3

2018-03-04 Carole Reed

Psalm 139:23 "Hearing God"

2018 February

2018-02-18 Between God and You.mp3

2018-02-18 Dan Unrau

Psalm 25:1-10 "Between God and You"

2018-02-11 Andrew and Stacy Gleddiesmith...The Beginning of Their Stories.mp3

2018-02-11 Andrew and Stacey Gleddiesmith

"The Beginning of Our Stories"

2018-02-11-Jesus Restores a Demon-Posessed Man.mp3

2018-02-11 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 8:26-39 "Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man"

2018-02-04-Jesus Calms the Storm.mp3

2018-02-04 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 8:22-26 “Jesus Calms the Storm ”

2018 January

2018-01-28-Two People Living (in_on_out) the Way.mp3

2018-01-28 Dan Unrau

Acts 8:26-41 “Two People Living (in/on/out) the Way ”

2018-01-21-From ‘I AM’ all the way to the Father.mp3

2018-01-21 Dan Unrau

John 13:36-14:11 "From 'I AM' all the way to the Father"

2018-01-14-I AM and more.mp3

2018-01-14 Dan Unrau

John 14.6 "I Am and More"

2018-01-09-The Lords Supper.mp3

2018-01-07 Dan Unrau

The Lord's Supper "From There to Here to There"

2017 December

Advent December 3 2017_v2.mp3

2017-12-03 Dan Unrau

Exodus 6:1-12 Advent 1 - "Hope and Waiting"