On-line Sermons

2018 February

2018-02-18 Between God and You.mp3

2018-02-18 Dan Unrau

Psalm 25:1-10 "Between God and You"

2018-02-11 Andrew and Stacy Gleddiesmith...The Beginning of Their Stories.mp3

2018-02-11 Andrew and Stacey Gleddiesmith

"The Beginning of Our Stories"

2018-02-11-Jesus Restores a Demon-Posessed Man.mp3

2018-02-11 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 8:26-39 "Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man"

2018-02-04-Jesus Calms the Storm.mp3

2018-02-04 Andrew Gleddiesmith

Luke 8:22-26 “Jesus Calms the Storm ”

2018 January

2018-01-28-Two People Living (in_on_out) the Way.mp3

2018-01-28 Dan Unrau

Acts 8:26-41 “Two People Living (in/on/out) the Way ”

2018-01-21-From ‘I AM’ all the way to the Father.mp3

2018-01-21 Dan Unrau

John 13:36-14:11 "From 'I AM' all the way to the Father"

2018-01-14-I AM and more.mp3

2018-01-14 Dan Unrau

John 14.6 "I Am and More"

2018-01-09-The Lords Supper.mp3

2018-01-07 Dan Unrau

The Lord's Supper "From There to Here to There"

2017 December

Advent December 3 2017_v2.mp3

2017-12-03 Dan Unrau

Exodus 6:1-12 Advent 1 - "Hope and Waiting"