Week of July 12, 2020

Preschool Series - GOOD NEWS

In this series, children will learn about the good news message of Jesus! Children will discover that Jesus shows us God’s love, saves us from sin, sets up God’s kingdom, and does it all so we can be with God forever.

“Tell the good news to everyone.”

Mark 16:15b (ICB)

"An Unbelievable New Beginning"

A story narrated by Lu ❤️

The good news is Jesus saves us from sin.

God's Story - Jesus

Jesus was completely human, but ALSO completely God! That means He was perfect, and never did anything wrong. He ate and slept and had friends just like you and me, but he could also do incredible things that only God can do.

Kindergarten to Grade 9 Series - THE STORY

In this series, students get the opportunity to experience all of God's big connected story—from creation through to the new church to us!

Christ suffered once for sins. The one who did what is right suffered for those who don’t do right. He suffered to bring you to God.

1 Peter 3:18

Kindergarten - Grade 3

If you could make a law that everyone had to follow, what would it be? Why?

God used laws to guide his people.

What do we call the laws God gave the Israelites to follow? (Ten Commandments)

Why did God create laws for his people?

What two things did Jesus say all the laws come down to?

Hint: “Love _____ and love _____.” (love God and love others)

What could you remember or “pack” to help you love God and love others at school, at home, and elsewhere?

Grades 4-6

What’s the weirdest or most annoying rule you’ve ever been told to follow?

Did you actually follow that rule? Why or why not?

God used laws to guide his people.

Wk 2 - Weird Laws.pdf

Grades 7-9

Do you know of any laws that are kind of strange? If so, what are they? (e.g., in Petrolia, Ontario, it’s illegal to whistle between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.; it’s illegal to drive blindfolded in Alabama; in Arizona, it’s illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub)

Why do you think these strange laws exist?

Why do you think there are so many strange laws in the Bible?

God used laws to guide his people.

Read Matthew 22:34-40

What did Jesus say is the most important commandment?

Why do you think he gave two commandments?

How would you state verse 40 in your own words?

How might some of the strange Old Testament laws have been intended as loving in the time they were written?

How would the way you live change if you were always thinking, “I will love God, and I will love my neighbour”?

For example, how would you treat the barista making your tea?

Or how would you act when you had to wait in a long line?

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