Week of July 5, 2020

Preschool Series - GOOD NEWS

In this series, children will learn about the good news message of Jesus! Children will discover that Jesus shows us God’s love, saves us from sin, sets up God’s kingdom, and does it all so we can be with God forever.

“Tell the good news to everyone.”

Mark 16:15b (ICB)

"Isn't That Good News”

A story narrated by Lu ❤️

The good news is that Jesus shows us God's love!

God's Story - The Good News

"Jesus is the Great Good News" Song

Kindergarten to Grade 9 Series - THE STORY

In this series, students get the opportunity to experience all of God's big connected story—from creation through to the new church to us!

Christ suffered once for sins. The one who did what is right suffered for those who don’t do right. He suffered to bring you to God.

1 Peter 3:18

Kindergarten - Grade 3

If you could create anything, what would it be?

Why would you create it?

God created a good world, and sin polluted it.

What’s your favourite thing God created? Why?

Why do you think God created so many different and wonderful things?

When did sin show up in the world? What happened next?

Has anyone ever said or done something that made you feel sad or hurt? Have you ever done anything that made someone feel sad or hurt?

Who came to save us from sin?

What do you think 1 Peter 3:18 means for us today?

Grades 4-6

What responsibility do you think we have for taking care of the planet?

God created a good world, and sin polluted it.

Read Genesis 1-3

What do you think the world was like before sin polluted it?

What do you think is one of the biggest differences between then and now?

When did God say that things were “very good”?

What does Genesis 1 say about the people God created?

What did the serpent say to make Adam and Eve question things?

After Adam and Eve sinned, what was the first thing Adam said?

Grades 7-9

Sometimes we talk about God creating the world in six literal days, and sometimes we talk about those days as symbolic (i.e., eras or seasons). What do you think about this?

God created a good world, and sin polluted it.

Read Genesis 3:8-13

What happened before this passage? What happened after it?

When God called to them in verse 9, do you think he didn’t know where they were? Why do you think God asked this?

Besides fear, what did Adam and Eve feel in that moment? (shame)

Shame entered the world just after sin. When and how do we experience shame?

What would you be willing to say or try if shame wasn’t part of your experience?

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